Boxing – it’s not just for the boys

Women boxing at ABAE boxing camp in Sheffield

Women's ABAE boxing camp in Sheffield

It’s traditionally been seen as a male dominated sport, and was even banned for 116 years in the UK, but now women boxers are giving the men a run for their money as more and more women are becoming successful in the sport.

London 2012 will see women’s boxing at the Olympic Games, having previously been the only amateur sport not to be represented by women. The GB Boxing programme is currently assessing talent for Great Britain’s first ever women’s Olympic boxing squad and, with the buzz surrounding the Olympics and more clubs embracing women’s boxing, there couldn’t be a better time for women and girls to get involved in the sport.

Many people take up boxing to build their confidence, do something different and get fit (boxing training provides a fantastic all over workout).  Many find themselves enjoying the sport so much that they want to take it to the next level and compete.

Getting started in boxing may seem a daunting task, but lots of boxing clubs cater for women and girls, and you can get started through a boxing-related exercise such as boxercise or circuit classes at your local gym.

Many ABAE clubs have female coaches and facilities, and lots run sessions just for women. Remember that every boxer has at some point walked into a boxing gym with no experience, and the coaches are there to help and encourage beginners.

There are over 800 boxing clubs in England. To find one near where you live visit the ABAE club finder:

The ABAE runs regular regional squad sessions for women at all levels.  For more details keep an eye on our website: or contact the ABAE head office on 0114 2235654.


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