Even the stars love rounders

Rounders is fun, social, and cheap – it doesn’t require any fancy equipment and anyone can play. Don’t just take our word for it – games are currently being played across the country in parks, sports halls and on beaches. Rounders was even featured in a recent episode of BBC1’s Eastenders, where a number of the Albert Square residents played in the street around ‘the square’.

Rounders is catching on fast and in a recent episode of ‘John Bishop’s Britain’ guest James Corden said, he would love to see Olympic rounders!
Admittedly, the sport is not quite ready for the Olympics but it is developing at an astonishing rate. There is even a new indoor game that has been developed so that the sport can be enjoyed all year round.

It’s really easy to organise a game of rounders, but if you do require some assistance then that’s what England Rounders is here for. Whether you are an accomplished player or a beginner, they can offer support in the set up of your own league or to help you find a club or existing league to suits your needs. Likewise, they can provide guidance in terms of rules, equipment and pitch lay out.
Interested? Get in touch with one of the Rounders England team:

T: 0114 248 0357
E: mailto:enquiries@roundersengland.co.uk

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