Archery GB ontarget with new Club Development Programme

Archery GB has launched ‘ontarget‘ an exciting new programme, designed to help the network of archery clubs across the UK develop and expand.  The ontarget scheme sees clubs receive exclusive rewards and opportunities for development, including promotion by Archery GB to partners and access to grants and materials such as templates to help clubs promote themselves. They will also be given dedicated support and assistance to help them build on weaknesses and capitalise on strengths by becoming a specialist club.

The scheme, which is unique, allows clubs to develop in an individual way, rather than forcing them to a prescribed method of development – it provides a framework within which the clubs can develop depending on their strengths and abilities.

“This is a hugely exciting time for us,” said Arran Coggan, National Club Development Co-ordinator. “We recognise the essential role our clubs play and want to support them – without them, people simply wouldn’t be able to access grassroots archery.

The programme was launched at the National Development Conference on 23 and 24 October, where delegates took part in workshops to help shape the scheme.

Arran said: “ontarget needs to work for our clubs. We are looking for input from our clubs as to what the specialist areas should be, and what criteria clubs should meet to achieve these. This will be an ongoing process for the next few months, as we gather input from our clubs into the next phase of the scheme.”

ontarget is free and simple to join, clubs just need to fill in the online application form available from the Development pages at Once the applications are approved, clubs will be able to apply for a small grant to begin their development process and to receive access to the support, materials and templates.

For more information about ontarget visit or contact Arran Coggan, National Club Development Coordinator on 07525 233592 or

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