Give sports injuries the red card

Active people are being asked to share their stories of sports pain or injury as leading medical charity Arthritis Research UK seeks new ways to keep people active throughout their lives. Arthritis Research UK’s initiative ‘Taking the pain out of sport’, is urging the seven million people in the UK who play sport or exercise regularly [1]  to share their experiences via an online survey at More than half (56%) of the active public have sustained a sport injury [2] such as sprained ligaments, fractures and broken bones according to a survey by the charity.

Healthcare professionals’ views are also sought, with all responses contributing to the charity’s drive for new research into the link between common sports injuries and longer term pain and disability from conditions such as osteoarthritis, which affects over eight million people in the UK.

Dr. Liam O’Toole, CEO of Arthritis Research UK says, “We all know there are huge benefits to regular exercise and participating in sport, and we also know that people want to keep active throughout their lives. It is well documented that sports injuries can have seriously debilitating consequences in the long term. What we don’t know is how best to prevent and manage injuries to avoid these long-term effects. We hope that everyone with sports pain or injury tells us about it at

A number of sporting heroes and famous faces are supporting the campaign, including Olympic and Commonwealth games medallist Sharron Davies MBE, former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson OBE, Colin Jackson CBE, Sir Cliff Richard, Darren Gough and Jonathan Dimbleby.

Bob Wilson, OBE says, “Although my playing days are behind me, I still feel the strains of a top-level career which, as a goalkeeper, meant operations on both hips. I wasn’t aware that osteoarthritis could affect me at such a young age when I retired, and this view is shared by many people who aren’t fully informed about the risks of sport on the joints of the body. I am backing this Arthritis Research UK campaign to raise awareness of osteoarthritis as a result of sport, and hope others join me in bring this neglected condition to light.”

To find out more visit and help Arthritis Research UK take the pain out of sport.

1 Active People Survey by Sport England  2009/10
2 Defined as people who exercise/play sports/go to the gym 3 or more times a week currently or normally  but may currently be recovering from an injury. A survey by ICM Research (September 2010) indicates that this is 28% of the UK population.
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