Be part of the 2012 legacy by improving and protecting your local playing fields

Hundreds of sports playing fields across the country will be protected and improved thanks to a £10 million National Lottery fund launched yesterday by Sport England and the Minister for Sport and the Olympics, Hugh Robertson MP.

Through Protecting Playing Fields, communities will be able to enhance local playing fields, or create new sports pitches. As part of the Places People Play mass participation legacy programme, the fund will help bring to life the inspiration and magic of a home Olympic and Paralympic Games for communities all over the country.

Sport England’s Chair, Richard Lewis, said: “Playing fields are the places where many young people have their first experience of sport, where sporting dreams come true and where communities come together.

“Protecting Playing Fields is about safeguarding and enhancing those spaces – and creating new, high-quality playing pitches where the next generation can enjoy sport. This is a great chance to bring the sporting legacy to life in your community.”

Hugh Robertson said: “As part of hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games we want to offer people better facilities and more opportunities to play sport. This £10 million lottery investment will help achieve that. Not only will it further protect playing fields from developers but also create new ones and improve pitches up and down the country.”

Sport England will run five £2 million Protecting Playing Fields funding rounds over the next three years. Investing between £20,000 and £50,000 in hundreds of projects that will create, improve and protect playing fields by:

1.Bringing disused playing fields back into use
2.Improving the condition of pitches (e.g. levelling, drainage, reseeding)
3.Buying new playing field land (not less than 0.2 hectares)
4.Buying existing playing field land where there is a known threat, such as the expiry of a lease or a development proposal.

Sport England has also entered into a partnership with Fields in Trust (FIT) to support the protection of playing fields as part of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge. Successful applicants to Protecting Playing Fields who accept a Deed of Dedication of their playing field in “perpetuity” will have their project details passed to FIT. This will give them the opportunity to become a Queen Elizabeth II Field as part of the programme to mark the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics.

Protecting Playing Fields builds on the work Sport England already does to safeguard playing fields as a statutory consultee on all planning applications affecting a sports playing field. Playing fields are one of the most important resources for sport in England.

To read the full press release or for more information check out the Sport England website:

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