Rugby League secures Commonwealth Games recognition

Image courtesy of RFL website

The Commonwealth Games Federation has given its support to the possible inclusion of Rugby League in future Commonwealth Games. At a meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the Federation unanimously supported an application for Rugby League to become a Category Three sport, the first step towards a future presence at the Commonwealth Games.

This endorsement will allow Rugby League to work with the regional Commonwealth Games associations on development projects and enable the sport to continue to expand and develop across the globe.

Chair of Sport England and the Rugby Football League, Richard Lewis, welcomed the decision and said the recognition by the Commonwealth Games Federation has deep significance for Rugby League. “This is the first time we have had official recognition by a global multi-sports organisation and is a massive step forward for the sport,” said Lewis.

“Although it does pave the way for Rugby League to be played in future Commonwealth Games, that’s not what this application is about. In the short- to medium term, Commonwealth Games recognition will help us realise our ambitions to further establish Rugby League as a truly international sport.”

For more information check out the Rugby League website

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